CHP Finance at Temp Tech in Ireland we are thoroughly committed to making our products available to every business – whether or not they have the capital to invest.
With the long-term future of Combined Heat & Power(CHP) secured in the global energy markets by its ability to provide a multitude of operational, environmental and financial benefits, now, more than ever the certainty of fixed price, low cost energy, gives businesses the stability they need and Temp Technology can provide this key service, often at no Capital cost. Our flexible finance options can be specifically tailored to the individual requirements of each of our customers, regardless of the project size, cost or complexity. As a lightly geared company, we have the outstanding reputation of being the market leader in offering real heat and energy solutions with long term financial value.

CHP Capital

purchase Temp Tech will provide you with a fixed cost for a complete turnkey package, including feasibility studies, project design, supply, installation and commissioning. In addition to this, you can choose from one of our Service Contract packages and we will operate and maintain the system throughout it’s life.

CHP Discount Energy Purchase

as capital funds are not always available, Temp Technology together with our partners ENER.G Combined Power can offer our technology on a Discount Energy Purchase (DEP) scheme.  Essentially we will fund all the cost associated with the implementation of the CHP project, including design and project management, supply, installation and commissioning, and as the client you contract to purchase the electricity generated by the machine over a number of years. A valued element to this option is the maintenance service provided by our nationwide service team, offering continual support throughout the contract term. As a DEP customer,

DEP Benefits

  1. No capital outlay/risk.
  2. No continual maintenance/aftercare costs.
  3. Faster route to scheme implementation and immediate savings.
  4. Long term, capped energy costs.
  5. Avoiding the need to compete with internal funding


Capped Energy Prices with our DEP contract, we guarantee your energy costs for the duration of the Agreement. DEP contracts can vary in length for between 5and 15 years, depending upon both customer and site specific requirements – all without any Capital investment. Unlike conventional energy suppliers, we generate discount energy on your site at the point of use.  This way we can avoid all the transmission, distribution and supply costs that the utilities have to build into their tariffs. Using such on-site generation is also considerably more efficient because up to 85% of the primary fuel is converted into usable electricity and heat, unlike traditional electricity generation that converts around 40%

The D.E.P Promise we will guarantee to supply you with Discount Energy, for the duration of the agreement, for no capital risk. The price you pay will also be capped for this period. A by-product of the electricity generation is heat. This is collected by the system and is distributed around your site free of charge, this allows for substantial energy cost saving.