Welcome to TEMP TECH Ireland

Temp Technology based in Ireland offers Combined Heat & Power (CHP) on site generation and Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS). The CHP unit converts natural gas,propane or biogas into valuable electricity and useful heat, saving money, saving energy & saving the environment.

Temp Technologys’ FREE CHP & EMS feasibility studies. Contact Temp Technology now to get a CHP & EMS feasibility study done Free of charge. Simply Click Here and fill out the form.

Why us

26years of experience

142 CHP Installations

72Ktons C02 saved p.a.

Our commitment to after sales is underpinned by our CHP Maintenance Agreements which are performance related


Temp Tech ENER.G 125 & ENER.G 150

CHP Units qualify for SEAI Accelerated Capital Allowance

Temp Tech commissioned the E100 CHP

at the National Rehabilitation Hospital in October 2013

Temp Tech win contract to supply

ENER.G 190MBiogas CHP Units to Tullamore

CHP Carbon Tax Relief.