Woodlands House Hotel

I am very happy to recommend the introduction of CHP to anybody with a requirement for hot water. We commissioned our CHP plant in January 2002 and while providing all of our heat requirements during the day it also generates 30% of our electricity requirements. This represented a saving of €67,500 on our energy bills in 2010 alone. In addition to this, the environmental aspect cannot be overlooked with a reduction in energy usage as well as the CO2 savings which is over 2000, tonnes since the commissioning of the plant in 2002.

David Fitzgerald,General Manager, Woodlands House Hotel

The Rochestown Park Hotel

Has established a strong commitment to ensure that we continue to reduce our energy costs/ carbon footprint while continuing to exceed customers requirements during their stay at Rochestown Park Hotel. The installation of CHP and absorption chilling units has been a fantastic decision financially with substantial annual energy saving, prompt return on our investment while continuing to do our bit for the environment by continually reducing our CO2 emissions.

John O Donovan Financial Controller, Rochestown Park Hotel

Tullamore Court Hotel

The introduction of our CHP plant in 2006 has been of huge benefit to the hotel, I would go as far as to say that every hotel with leisure facilities or sufficient hot water demand should seriously consider installing a CHP plant. With payback of three years or less and substantial grants available, CHP offers significant financial and environmental savings. We installed a CHP plant as part of our expansion; we added 9 meeting rooms a new kitchen and 32 new bedrooms yet in real terms our energy bills rose by only 7 %, due to the efficiency of the CHP unit, furthermore we significantly reduced the hotels CO2 emissions.

Philip O BrienGeneral Manager, Tullamore Court Hotel

Lyrath Estate Hotel

“It’s fantastic – our CHP plant provides all the central lighting and hot water for the hotel. Since its installation we have optimised the systems performance and overall we’re extremely happy with it. As backup for the remainder of the hotel’s electricity requirements, we also decided to install a 600 kW generator. This means that along with the substantial annual cost savings we have a completely self sufficient electricity supply during ESB outages with all our electricity requirements being provided on site by a combination of the CHP plant and generator.”

Billy BradleyMaintenance Manager, Lyrath Estate Hotel